Nicole Lynn Cohen


Nicole Lynn Cohen is a writer based in Brooklyn.


Nicole writes fiction and screenplays. She’s been working in the film industry for the past four years with a focus in development and production.

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“‘You should talk to someone’ captures the essential strangeness of being human, how the ordinary and even tedious details of daily life are forever linked to the overwhelming mysteries and yearning secrets that shadow us. This is a beautiful, thoughtful, weird little piece. My hat is off.”

– DANIEL HANDLER (AKA LEMONY SNICKET) on “You should talk to someone’

“The narrative is perfectly aligned with the music. It’s got a deceptive sort of simplicity that’s heartbreaking and totally cinematic. The music, lyricism, characterizations, and events of the era all come off seamlessly.”

– SCREENCRAFT READER on Crying Laughing Loving Lying

“This is an engaging retelling of a classic story. The writing perfectly evokes a sense of time and place, replete with the Darwinian nature of schooling and its dialect and idioms. The picaresque trio railing against the stuffy establishment is a theme that endures due to its inherent universality.”




Taking the Day OffCherub (2023)

Reading the SignsCagibi (2023)

SpoiledSubnivean (2022)

Little Neck LowballVOIS (2022)

You should talk to someoneSubnivean (2021)

A Trunk, FullSunlight Press (2021)

ElementaryReflex Fiction (2019)

“Madeline Leibewitz” The Albion Review (2019)

FoundThe Tufts Observer (2017)

All My Last ThingsThe Tufts Observer (2016)


“Taking the Day Off” Manchester Fiction Prize, Highly Commended (2019)

“A Little Weight” Larry Brown Short Story Award, Top Ten (2019)

“Commodore Sergeant” Morse Hamilton Fiction Prize, Honorable Mention (2018)


Feature, Musical, Historical, LGBTQ+

Top 17% of discoverable projects on Coverfly. Red List’s #20 Musical Feature in the past year

Short, Horror/Psychological Thriller

Slated for production in Fall, 2023 with Fazed Films | Check out the Breadwinner site

Pilot, Period, Coming-of-Age, Literary Adaptation

Top 5% of discoverable projects on Coverfly. Red List’s #19 Drama Television (Half-hour)

Feature, Drama, Comedy


Currently in development



Bachelor of Arts, Tufts University

English & Film



Director’s Assistant \ Tanya Wexler

Script Reader \ Felix Culpa

Coordinator \ SpectreVision

Executive Asisstant to the CEO \ SpectreVision

Development Intern \ Bona Fide Productions



Nicole Lynn Cohen currently lives in Brooklyn. She writes about earnest, often overlooked characters fighting for agency against life’s uncontrollable factors.

She studied English and Film at Tufts University. Her career in film began with a student internship at Bona Fide Productions under Oscar-winning producers Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa (Little Miss Sunshine, Nebraska). Upon graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and became an Executive Assistant at SpectreVision, where she worked under founders Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah, as well as producers Lisa Whalen, Stacy Jordensen, and Kim Sherman. She shadowed producers on the films Archenemy and No Man of God, and after a year she was promoted to Coordinator.

While honing her development skills, Nicole worked on her own fiction and screenwriting projects. She won the 2021 Subnivean Fiction Award for her piece, “You should talk to someone,” and received accolades from her literary hero Lemony Snicket (AKA Daniel Handler). Her fiction has been published in Subnivean, VOIS, Cagibi, and Cherub. Her original scripts have placed in the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition, the Austin Film Festival, ScreenCraft’s TV Pilot Script Competition, ScreenCraft’s Feature Competition, the Outstanding Screenplays TV Pilot Competition, the Emerging Screenwriters – Genre Screenplay Competition, and the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.